Grimethorpe dinner ladies save their jobs

Dinner ladies at Ladywood school in Grimethorpe return to work today, having seen off a bid to make them all redundant.
The school meals supervisors in the historic mining village just outside Barnsley, South Yorkshire, had taken 36 days of strike, beginning in September.
UNISON reached an agreement with the school management to address the deficit in the school’s budget without any redundancies, due to expected natural staff turnover.
The school had planned to have teaching assistants cover the work done by the school meals workers, leading to them joining the strike.
“It was completely unacceptable to attempt to make the dinner ladies redundant when job losses were unnecessary,” said union area organiser Jordan Stapleton after the settlement was agreed.
“Where schools do need to make savings they need to know that low-paid women are not easy targets and the contributions they make to our communities cannot be underestimated.”