Coronavirus: Important Q&A if you work at Doncaster Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals Trust

We at present are having a lot of questions asked about the current Coronavirus situation. The trust have published some answers to frequently asked questions regarding COVID19 and your working situation. Here are some of them:

**If my ability to attend work is affected by school closures, what do I need to do?**

If your child is not asked to self-isolate or ill, please plan for alternative care arrangements where you feel this is appropriate. Alternatively, we are considering agile working (working from home) for colleagues where this appropriate. We will update further on this matter when we can.
Policies which you may find useful in this regard are:
Sickness Absence Policy
Parenting Leave Policy
Flexible Working Policy
Special Leave Policy

**Will any self-isolation periods of absence be recorded as sick leave??

Absence through self-isolation will be recorded as medical suspension and you will be paid normally throughout.

**If I’m tested for Coronavirus but the test has yet to return, can I still work??

No, you must self-isolate until the test has returned.

**If you are on monitoring at any level in line with the sickness policy and you have to self isolate, will this count and bump up your sickness absence?

Absence through self-isolation will be recorded as medical suspension and you will be paid normally throughout.

**If I’m required to work more hours, how will this monitored?

Managers are being asked to complete timesheet and keep a track of additional hours so that individuals are paid correctly

**I still have some leave to take until the end of March. Can this be transferred to next financial year (1 April on wards)?

Yes, we have taken the decision to allow this to be carried over.

**Can we fast-track testing for NHS staff, particularly those on the front-line?

As many have requested, colleagues who suspect Covid-19 can be swabbed within the Trust, expediting the process so that if the test comes back negative, you can safely come back into the workforce after a shorter period of self-isolation.

**Should we be cleaning our workstations?

It would be prudent of any staff to start their day by cleaning down their workstation, especially if it is shared. You do not need specialist cleaning equipment in order to do this, just the standard products. If you are cleaning electrical devices, please make sure to use an alcohol wipe.

**Will the park and ride continue running as normal?

We fully intend to keep the park and ride operating. If necessary, we are also committed to exploring further options for parking on site.

**I’ve just returned from holiday overseas, should I come into work?

Those who have returned from travel overseas (including to countries or areas previously specified), or have exposure to confirmed cases within the community, can carry on working in their usual role as long they are well.

If you have a question for the trust please go to:…/inf…/coronavirus-covid-19/qa/

For any other matters useful link are:…/coronavirus-guidance-nhs-trust…/…/coronavirus-what-it-me…/

We will keep you up to date as possible with the fast ever changing situation in this trust.

Stay safe, wash your hands and we will see you soon!